Store most items in boxes, as they’re easy to store, easy to lift, and easily managed.
Empty out the contents of your cupboards and wardrobes before moving them into storage – this will help protect them from damage.
When packing books, try to use smaller boxes as they can quickly become too heavy to lift. Don’t store boxes of books on top of other items, and pack books flat to avoid damaging their spines.
All whitegoods should be aired out, dried, and cleaned before storage. It’s best to store whitegoods slightly ajar to keep them fresh and free of mould. Don’t store whitegoods with anything inside them.
It’s best to store all electronic equipment in their original boxes; however, if that’s not possible, they should still be stored in a dry space and clearly labelled as fragile.
When packing breakables, such as crockery or glass, add an additional layer of protective paper at the top and bottom of the boxes. Wrap each item individually and clearly mark the boxes as fragile.

Avoid storing any items in plastic bags, as they attract moisture and can cause mildew.